Cathy Jameson

    "I am a parent and a teacher. I knew Mrs. Robert was determined to help students with attention deficits and dyslexia, but she was also determined to help everyone in the classroom reach potential.  Two of my own children used the Rescue the Students Now program and they were later enrolled in the highly capable program.  I can testify that every student was given the chance to reach maximum potential.  After seeing the incredible results in Mrs. Robert's classroom, I too decided to use the Rescue the Students Now program for basic skills in reading, spelling, penmanship, and composition."

Kathy Fuller

 "I am a mother, grandmother, and retired Title One/ Chapter One para-educator who relied on Rescue the Students Now to help my son, granddaughter, and the students that I taught in the Chapter One setting.  I saw the benefits during private tutoring. I saw the benefits in an entire classroom setting.  And, I saw how well the students did in our Chapter One room when we used Rescue the Students Now.  It is as if all of the students have been given the gift to reach their potential,  whether their potential is high, low, or in the middle."

Dina & Jim Williams Jr.

“My husband and I have three children and on our days off we are classroom volunteers. We saw the students in the classroom at the beginning, middle and end of the year. It seemed that no matter how high or low the students’ skills were when they started the Rescue Program, by the end of the year everyone’s basic skills in reading, spelling, penmanship, and composition had grown dramatically. Because the students were successful, they loved to read. Many of the students went from first grade books to fourth grade level or higher.”

Unsolicited Comments:

Resource Room Teacher: "If all first and second grades used this, we'd have very few students in the Resource Room. "

Home Study - Mother of first and third grade aged children: " The results are outstanding. I went step by step and understood everything. I hope the schools are using it."

1st Grade Teacher: " It works beautifully. The students learn so easily and they learn it well."

A School Psychologist said to a teacher using Rescue: "This is the best approach I've seen being used."

Gifted Learner's Mother: " Even though I'm a college graduate, my child and I both learned a lot."

Counselor/Teacher:  " I have had similar training. Thank you for developing a structured approach that is so easy for teachers and parents to use."