Begging Student Sweaty Teacher Miss Rescue
Begging Student Sweaty Teacher Miss Rescue



Reading, Spelling, Penmanship, Composition, and Comprehension

Why would anyone teach full time and simultaneously develop a basic skills program?
Because students actually learn and feel good about their progress.

Why would a company sell an outstanding program at cost?
Because all students deserve a solid base that is affordable.

See why this program makes sense by building skills with structure and sequence that
can be used independently, or to enhance a current curriculum that is missing the target.

Here are some choices for viewing our products and lessons:

  1. 1) On our Home Page, select Products Tab-access Overview, press the blue lesson bar.
  2. 2) *Press to order free 20 minute DVD.
  3. 3) *Press to order free 50 minute DVD.
  4. 4) *Press to see quick 3 minute overview
  5. 5) *Press for YouTube

K-6 teachers need to own Teacher's Set One AND Teacher's Set Two.
Note that the program is non-graded and can be used by the entire class, by a
small group, or a single student. The program comes with instructional DVDs.
(Trouble mastering Common Core? Another reason to use "Rescue" for the basic skills.)

** Exciting offer that students will love. **
We have added a second booklet to our limited time offer.
For only $2 (includes shipping in USA), you can order booklets with the picture and name
of your child/student as part of the story text. The child helps with a moral dilemma.

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Typical testimonial: It is as if "Rescue" gives all students the gift to reach their potential."