Begging Student Sweaty Teacher Miss Rescue Diane Hill Robert
Begging Student Sweaty Teacher Miss Rescue Diane Hill Robert


The best in BASIC SKILLS for grades K- 6

Reading, Spelling, Penmanship, Composition, and Comprehension

DIANE taught in every grade level from pre-school to ninth grade.
She had to design the "Rescue" program so students would be successful.

BEGGING STUDENTS disappear. The program meets their needs, and
as they say, " 'Rescue' has a structure and sequence that makes sense!"

SWEATY TEACHERS disappear because the "Rescue" program is easy
to teach, has built-in review, and will enhance a program missing the target.

"Rescue" is also used independently one-on-one, small group, and total group.

MISS RESCUE is proud of "Rescue's" non-graded solid base that is affordable,
the five content areas promoting long-term learning, and offers a
multi-sensory and direct instruction approach as needed.

Here are some choices for viewing our products and lessons:

  1. 1) On the menu, choose Products, select Overview, press the blue lesson bar
  2. 2) *Press to order free 20 minute DVD
  3. 3) *Press to order free 50 minute DVD
  4. 4) *Press to see quick 3 minute overview
  5. 5) *Press for YouTube
  6. 6) *Administrators: Press to order the FREE RESEARCHED-BASED/ CLASSROOM TESTED information booklet and the 10-minute DVD overview.

K-6 teachers need to own Teacher's Set One AND Teacher's Set Two.
The program comes with Instructional DVDs.

We have a special offer for a K-2 Kit that
is for sale at a discount on Amazon.

* Press to get info on Gary Giraffe* Press to get info on Paul Parrot

Typical testimonial: It is as if "Rescue" gives all students the gift to reach their potential."