Begging Student Sweaty Teacher Miss Rescue Diane Hill Robert
Begging Student Sweaty Teacher Miss Rescue Diane Hill Robert

Parents, grandparents, tutors, homeschoolers, and teachers
in public, private, and charter schools can make a huge difference.

Reading, Spelling, Penmanship, Composition, and Comprehension
Ensure a SOLID BASE in K-2 & 2-6 BEFORE you use your favorite program.

DIANE taught in every grade level from pre-school to ninth grade.
She had to design the "Rescue" program so students would be successful.

BEGGING STUDENTS disappear. The program meets their needs, and
as they say, " 'Rescue' has a structure and sequence that makes sense!"

SWEATY TEACHERS disappear because the "Rescue" program is easy
to teach, has built-in review, and will enhance a program missing the target.

MISS RESCUE is proud of "Rescue's" non-graded solid base that is affordable,
the five content areas promoting long-term learning, and offers a
multi-sensory and direct instruction approach as needed.

"Rescue" is used independently one-on-one, small group, and total group.

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K-6 teachers need to own Teacher's Set K-2 AND Teacher's Set 2-6.
The program comes with Instructional DVDs.

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