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SWEATY TEACHER is having nightmares. Where is the structure? Where is the sequence? For MANY students, the K-6 BASIC SKILLS in reading, spelling, penmanship, composition, and comprehension are MISSING. Now Sweaty Teacher is NERVOUS OVER THE HIGH EXPECTATIONS of the Common Core.

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I'm BEGGING the teachers to use this 'Rescue' program so I can have the basic skills to get me through the Common Core. "

The Solution: Programs must meet the needs of all students, with, or without challenges. This would include the gifted learner, the dyslexic, and the myriad of learning disabilities. Students need an affordable program that is structured and sequential so information is internalized and can be applied for high test scores.


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Rescue the Students Now!

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Images of the sample lessons shown in sequence can all be ENLARGED when you go to the Products/ Overview for the Teacher's Sets and press the bar in each set.

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Q. I still have to use the current Language Arts adoption in my building. How do I use your structured and sequential approach at the same time?

A. Because the reading, spelling, penmanship, composition and comprehension take place at the same time in the same lesson, the TIME SAVED is applied to your current adoption... and, there is a HUGE BONUS. The adoption takes MUCH LESS TIME because the students now have the skills to roll right through the lesson. In fact, you have gained time to add other information.

Q. I have a lot of different needs in my room, including students with dyslexia. How do I address all of the needs?

A. Each lesson is designed for multi-layering so that no student is left out. Early lessons include the multi-sensory approach of the visual, the auditory, and kinesthetic, along with techniques for penmanship and proofreading. All students are trained to hear the syllable pieces including the accented syllable. Putting on suffixes becomes incredibly easy. All of this fosters great spelling strategies used in compositions!

Q. Can you give me a quick example of a beginning lesson that starts the sequence for up the ladder success while test scores soar?

A. (Big Breath) Name of letter, key word, sound, letter's penmanship formation, letter immediately used in reading words and phrase, letter immediately used in spelling words and phrase, words and phrase are immediately proofread; key word becomes the main character in a student-drawn composition that includes a setting, and the action; later in the day, students review the lesson in the booklet, "I Will Show You What I Learned," and draw their story again from memory to increase retell and recalling details.

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Program is used independently or to enhance a current curriculum.

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